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usb0 and making it available to guest OS

Sorry for the long post.

I have a Debian Testing machine, fully update, using VirtualBox (VBox)
with Windows XP installed as a guest OS.

$ uname -a
Linux red 3.2.0-2-amd64 #1 SMP Sun Apr 15 16:47:38 UTC 2012 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I am trying to access a USB device from with the guest OS, XP, after
connecting it to a USB port on the machine.

I have listed the USB device in the VBox's USB settings and checked it
to make it available to the guest OS.

I even got this arrangement to work a few times, however, I am having
difficulty getting it work consistently. Here is what is happening.

Debian Testing has a fixed IP address. While I have the guest OS, XP,
running, I connect the usb device to the Debian machine. It is seen as a
networking device by Debian as "usb0". Windows XP beeps as if it has
seen the USB device as well, but after that does nothing.

Debian does create a usb0 networking device though. Just that Windows XP
doesn't appear to know anything about it.

Now, after I reconnect the USB again, it doesn't do anything else, it is
as if Debian's auto-detection is all gone. What script do I need to
restart to get the detection working again without having to reboot?

I realize I am not giving any specific information, becuase I am not
sure what I am looking for here yet. Any idea may help to focus on the
right spot.



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