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Re: usb0 and making it available to guest OS

On Sun, 2012-08-05 at 17:24 -0400, H.S. wrote:
> I have a Debian Testing machine, fully update, using VirtualBox (VBox)
> with Windows XP installed as a guest OS.

I'm using VBox + XP guest on Arch Linux, so the VBox versions might

1. I experienced that adding "virtualbox-ext-oracle" can improve USB
issues. Dunno if there's a Debian package available, if necessary.

2. When I sync my iPad 2 to iTunes running on the guest XP, I can't use
my favorite USB slot, with the connected extension cable. The cable
length and the slot are ok, they're working for all kinds of devices as
long as I use Linux and not the guest XP + the iPad. When using the
extremely short iPad's cable only (tested with two different other USB
slots), then syncing the iPad does work.


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