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Re: usb0 and making it available to guest OS

On Sun, 05 Aug 2012 17:24:24 -0400, H.S. wrote:


> I am trying to access a USB device from with the guest OS, XP, after
> connecting it to a USB port on the machine.
> I have listed the USB device in the VBox's USB settings and checked it
> to make it available to the guest OS.


Being an USB network card, shouldn't be available under the network 
adapter settings from VB? :-?

> Debian does create a usb0 networking device though. Just that Windows XP
> doesn't appear to know anything about it.
> Now, after I reconnect the USB again, it doesn't do anything else, it is
> as if Debian's auto-detection is all gone. What script do I need to
> restart to get the detection working again without having to reboot?

Mmm... you mean that you reconnected the usb ethernet card attached to 
Debian host and it wasn't even able to (re)detect it? That's weird, udev 
should have reacted. Did you try by attaching it into a different usb 
port? :-?

Also, from the host you can run "dmesg" and "lsusb" to see what's going 
on and check for the current network status with "/sbin/ifconfig".

It is primordial that the host sees the adapter and properly configures 
it, otherwise the guest will have problems to manage it.



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