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Re: links won't open using icedove/wheezy

On 08/02/2012 05:48 PM, chymian wrote:
> hi whit,
>>> Also, you mention in user_prefs, the line in pref.js
>>> user_pref("network.protocol-handler.external.http", true);
>>> Well, I don't have that specific line in my user_prefs.  Did you add the
>>> line or just change the false to true?
>> I probably inserted it on the way to fix the misbehaviour. and will
>> check how ID behaves without it.
>> maybe it's the cause for your momentary misbehaviour, maybe it's what
>> you have to add to get it to work.
>> definitively, it triggers the "add mailserver starttls" problem.
> I removed the line completely, and icedove behaves as designed. no more
> error with the starttls-problem, but still opening links in
> x-www-browser correctly.
> so, it was a leftover from a try on figuring out how to solve, which
> caused the next error... :(
> hope you have luck with the systemsettings.
> cheers
> günter
Gunter, let me verify what your original problem was with icedove.  Were
you unable to get to iceweasel when you clicked on a link  in icedove or
were you able to get to iceweasel home page but not the actual link you
were trying to open?  I appreciate your comments and want to get this
darned thing fixed but need to know I'm working on the right thing.  I
can get to iceweasel but I always get the home page.  I don't get the
specific link I'm trying for.

Oh, and I figued out why I did not see that actual line as mentioned.  I
was looking at prefs.js from the command line using cat prefs.js.  When
looking at the file in that manner all you get are those which have
content and are marked "true" and I didn't find out how to change it
until I went to the "config editor" button in preferences->Advanced->
General->config editor.  So much fun.  :-)

Regards and TIA

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