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Re: links won't open using icedove/wheezy

hi whit,

>> 1. icedove does not open external links.
>> it opened the browser, but did not handover the URL.
>> I had to got to the KDE systemsettings and manually change the file
>> association (program which is called) entry to
>> iceweasel %u
>> (or x-www-browser %u, setting up the system alternatives to iceweasel.)
>> for all http/https.

> I've found most of what you mentioned and have made changes but I still
> only get my home page in Iceweasel, not the link in the email I clik
> on.  Is that what you get?  Can you get to Iceweasel but not to the
> exact link?

that was the initial erroneous behaviour. things changed with setting
file-associations to "x-www-browser %u" in the systemsettings. see point
1. above.
> Also, you mention in user_prefs, the line in pref.js
> user_pref("network.protocol-handler.external.http", true);
> Well, I don't have that specific line in my user_prefs.  Did you add the
> line or just change the false to true?
I probably inserted it on the way to fix the misbehaviour. and will
check how ID behaves without it.
maybe it's the cause for your momentary misbehaviour, maybe it's what
you have to add to get it to work.
definitively, it triggers the "add mailserver starttls" problem.

> I'm at a loss.  
my advice: check the file-associations, so that x-extension-*html, etc.
call either iceweasel directly with a "%u" as parameter, or use the

x-www-browser %u

mechanisem. to set your system-default browser there, go to a shell and
enter the following command:

sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser

choose iceweasel or whatever you want to use.

to check, whether that works, you can call
x-www-browser http://google.com
from a shell.
iceweasel (or what ever you did set with the command above) should open

> I've found some info in bugtracking but it's from 2007
> and it's talking about not getting to iceweasel.  Again, I can get to
> Iceweasel but not the exact link.
I didn't find any useful information there...
> TIA for your help.
> Whit
have a nice one & good luck

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