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Re: links won't open using icedove/wheezy

hi whit,

>> Also, you mention in user_prefs, the line in pref.js
>> user_pref("network.protocol-handler.external.http", true);
>> Well, I don't have that specific line in my user_prefs.  Did you add the
>> line or just change the false to true?
> I probably inserted it on the way to fix the misbehaviour. and will
> check how ID behaves without it.
> maybe it's the cause for your momentary misbehaviour, maybe it's what
> you have to add to get it to work.
> definitively, it triggers the "add mailserver starttls" problem.
I removed the line completely, and icedove behaves as designed. no more
error with the starttls-problem, but still opening links in
x-www-browser correctly.

so, it was a leftover from a try on figuring out how to solve, which
caused the next error... :(

hope you have luck with the systemsettings.


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