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Printers using free software only

Hi all,

Im about to buy a printer and want to make sure I get one that uses
100% free software, no blobs or proprietary drivers, so I can get on
using it even if the manufacturer decides to cease support of the

The thing is that I can't find a place where to look for such information.

- I got to this site, but none of the links provides the specific info
I'm looking for:

- This is an HP website where they state which printer model is
supported by HPLIP(*)

(*)  despiste HPLIP being an open source project, it may need a
'binary driver" to use all the printer features, according to the
HPLIP website:

"Binary plug-in information
A small subset of HP devices require proprietary software technologies
to allow full access to printer features and performance. These
technologies cannot be open sourced. Because of this, HP is releasing
binary plug-ins for each of these printers that work in conjunction
with our Linux Open Source Printing Software to improve the printing
experience for HP’s Linux Printing Customers."

So if anyone can point me in the right direction, I'll be grateful.


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