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Re: the ghost of UEFI and Micr0$0ft


On 11/06/12 12:36, Scott Ferguson wrote:


> add your own key to the UEFI... apparently that would *require you
> typing it in* (256 characters).

I can't confirm that as I had first hand access to the W8 pad, could be
a bum steer. :-(
Nothing in the published specs to show the format of the key or the
procedure for adding a key for custom mode.

I can see an upside if it's impossible to run Linux on OEM W8 devices -
MS has lost it's market share and will become irrelevant anyway, more
people buying devices without MS pre-installed is good for GNU/Linux -
and few hardware manufacturers are going to pin their futures on MS
anyway (just ask the retail industry how excited they are about Metro
and the new Nokias), and manufacturers aren't going to kiss the parts
market goodbye (which would require custom mode UEFI).
When it comes to "OS conversions" there's plenty of pre-UEFI devices
that'll be available second-hand, (more as MS fans move from XP), and I
suspect dual booting doesn't have the conversion rate of a dedicated
GNU/Linux machine.

> Never going to happen - most Windoof users will want the
> ability to run unsigned code, 

Various antimalware programs that need to load during the secure boot
sequence, (and rootkits).  Not Ffflash and Acrobat etc, I'm told W8 will
boot in secure mode and run unsigned code - as long as it's post desktop
(runs under user permissions).

> hence the unsecure boot mode.

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