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Re: EEE-PC (900HD) + NetInst

On this machine, Ethernet + WiFi are working normally AFAIK.

So what did you mean by " . . . the Ethernet device doesn't work, so I
only have WiFi to install Debian . . . " in your first email?
I was talking about my Mac :D
Currently, I only have an Apple's Mac, and the Ethernet device doesn't work
 So, I was asking the first time... Is there any chance that adding a driver to the iso/USB-Key has any chance to work differently ?
Or can I submit it to a bug tracker? Or anything ?
Cordialement, Adnan RIHAN.
Président-Fondateur de l'association (de loi 1901) Virtual-Infohébergeur Web et Serveurs de Jeux.
Consultant-Technicien Supérieur en Informatique de Gestion.
Ambassadeur Qt (Projet Tag-PG).

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