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Re: Flashplayer problems on Lenny.

On 2012-06-03, Lisi <lisi.reisz@gmail.com> wrote:
> I already have.  I have removed - purged - all the packages to do with Gnash 
> or Falshplayer 7 that were ever installed.  Nothing is installed.  But there 
> are some residual files.  Removing them is something I can try.  What else 
> can I do?  There are no relevant packages on my machine.

So you purged all packages that have anything to do with flash but there
are residual files? What are they and where are they and why don't you
remove them if they truly exist?  Doesn't seem normal to me. Apparently,
Konqueror is lying to you.  I don't believe in mystery files.


Maybe I should.

>> If you have more than one flashplayer installed on your machine (gnash +
>> flashplugin-nonfree?) then you might have to play with
> I haven't.  We are obviously crossing wires badly that you have the impression 
> that I have.

Yeah, forget it.  I read this from you :

 I am trying to find any remaining files in order to rm them, in the
 apparently vain hope that Flashplayer will actually play!!  And
 Konqueror says that the file is libklashpart.so, and that it plays
 Shockwave Flash 7. 

and thought that meant you wanted to play flash with a plugin other than
gnash, which for me could only mean the nonfree baby, but forget it
because I don't understand any of it and won't be doing so any time

Sorry for the noise.  I'm outta here.

>> "update-alternatives" in order for Konqueror to "choose" the latter

>> rather than the former.
> Lisi

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