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Re: Flashplayer problems on Lenny.

On 2012-06-03, Lisi <lisi.reisz@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I thought the question was what deb package brings in the file
>> 'libklashpart.so' so that you could "get rid of it," as per your
>> original article.
> I'm afraid that you have lost me.  I am trying to get rid of it, as you say,  
> (I have already purged it), not install it.

Well, that makes two of us who are lost then.  

> I am trying to find any remaining files in order to rm them, in the apparently 
> vain hope that Flashplayer will actually play!!  And Konqueror says that the 
> file is libklashpart.so, and that it plays Shockwave Flash 7.

That's not how we remove files that are installed by packages in these
parts.  We remove (and purge, eventually) the incriminated package

If you have more than one flashplayer installed on your machine (gnash +
flashplugin-nonfree?) then you might have to play with
"update-alternatives" in order for Konqueror to "choose" the latter
rather than the former.

> I've suddenly clicked.  You are suggesting that I search for that package not 
> flashplugin.  And there are indeed quite a few files still on the HDD, though 
> the package itself is not there.

I'm saying that konqueror-plugin-gnash provides libklashpart.so.

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