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Re: Setting up the scanner

Camaleón wrote:
On Fri, 01 Jun 2012 23:19:11 +0200, steef wrote:

further: the udev structure in the mint os is quite different from the
udev structure in squeeze.


But you don't have to follow the instructions "word by word" but
understanding what the problem can be and adapt the same idea to your
Squeeze system.

.......of course. you are right. i did that but it did not yet work out well.

Also, don't stick to xsane, use the Canon app and also try with Gimp.

this is a very good idea. after all those years with xsane i have developed a pavlov-reaction like scan = xsane. i found /usr/bin/scangearmp and can start the scanner now as root. i will change the permissions later. in the meantime i can do "sudo chmod 666 <scanresults" to help on my youngest daughter who somehow was in a great hurry with a couple of university examens.

i thank you very much for your patience with me

kind regards and greetings from


groningen, the netherlands


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