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Re: Flashplayer problems on Lenny.

On Sunday 03 June 2012 18:25:38 Curt wrote:
> That's not how we remove files that are installed by packages in these
> parts.  We remove (and purge, eventually) the incriminated package
> itself.

I already have.  I have removed - purged - all the packages to do with Gnash 
or Falshplayer 7 that were ever installed.  Nothing is installed.  But there 
are some residual files.  Removing them is something I can try.  What else 
can I do?  There are no relevant packages on my machine.

> If you have more than one flashplayer installed on your machine (gnash +
> flashplugin-nonfree?) then you might have to play with

I haven't.  We are obviously crossing wires badly that you have the impression 
that I have.
> "update-alternatives" in order for Konqueror to "choose" the latter
> rather than the former.


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