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Re: Problem with resolution on Radeon HD 7459 card (Squeeze)

> ..what happens if you try the radeon driver from backports?
> Or dist-upgrade to wheezy?

Well, if I change the word fglrx in my xorg.conf to radeon or
radeonhd, it gives me a
black console.

Actually, I was running wheezy on my machine, until X window system
crashed after
my recent upgrade of the system including the package xwindow-xorg-video-ati.
So, I am skeptical about the possibility that the problem will be
solved by upgrading to wheezy.

My machine is now set-up for dual-boot on wheezy and squeeze, and I am
now trying
to set up squeeze.

Thanks to the help of the community, I can now use the machine OK, but
this slow
redrawing of the window and the window pane is rather annoying.

Han Soo

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