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Re: how to increase space for tmpfs /tmp

On Mi, 28 mar 12, 16:58:03, Paul E Condon wrote:
> > 
> > You could have also considered uncompressing the tarball somewhere else, 
> > like $HOME/tmp or $HOME/src, but it sure is a valid solution, especially 
>        ^^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^
> On my computer that is running wheezy neither of these suggestions work,
> because, I think, these are not mount points supporting access to external
> physical disk hardware.

You must be misunderstanding me, I meant "some directory in your home", 
because on most systems /home has enough space.

> I tested this suggestion this morning. I don't
> fully understand this, but I have been told that access to the original
> /tmp file requires an entry in /etc/fstab.

Err... your original /tmp is a directory on / not a file[1] and if you 
don't mount anything there your system will happily use the available 
space on / (the root partition).

[1] unless you had a dedicated partition, but AFAIK in such a case you 
wouldn't get a tmpfs anyway

> Think about it. Who is supplying this extra hardware? Any specialized 
> software that requires scratch files because the work is too large to 
> fit in ram is dead in the water with this change, and changing the 
> setting of RAMTMP does not fix the problem, or any of the work-arounds 
> that have been suggested so far. I think this is a serious flaw in the 
> current wheezy, a release critical flaw perhaps. My particular problem 
> is a project in which I regularly need to sort files 2 to 3 GB in size 
> on a computer with less than 1 GB of ram and 370 GB of rotating disk.
> But I am sure there are other problems  needing real, physical scratch 
> space running very nicely on computers old enough to have once run 
> woody. And now they are to be broken by something in wheezy software? 
> Can this happen? Really?

Why do you think such scratch space should be in /tmp (regardless of 
whether /tmp is on tmpfs, a separate partition or just a directory on 

Kind regards,
P.S. I accidentally did some re-wrapping, how long do you set your 
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