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Re: can't get sound to work with webcam Logitech C910

On Sun, 25 Mar 2012 20:04:39 +0200, Bernard wrote:

> Camaleón wrote:

>> What's the output of "arecord -l"? I ask becasue it can be that you
>> have now two microphones (one coming from the sound card and other from
>> the webcam) and need to define what's the default or which to use.


> I have just tested a bit more with alsamixer, this time using my webcam
> and GUVCwiewer. If I boost the alsamixer settings to maximum (red
> level), then I get SOME sound in my videos, which plays back using, not
> vlc, but 'Totem'... But then the played back sound si very week and even
> cracky (distorded with kinds of cracks)... and absolutely no sound at
> all if the alsamixer parameters are not to the maximum.
> As for Cheese, I just tested something else as just mentioned. It is
> GUVCwiewer. It looks a lot better... but still no sound or very bad and
> weak one as stated above.

Okay, so basically what we have here is that the sound is very, very low 
unless you put it to the top level and still the image capturing has some 
hicups... let me Google a bit.

I found this bug report for Ubuntu:

Logitech camera microphone does not work / makes "chipmunk" sound 

At comment #37 there seems to be a pacth for some cameras and C910 is 
listed there. Also note that as per the other user's comments, the camera 
looks like it worked fine in kernel 2.6.38, not sure if it's an option 
(or even worth for it) for you to test with that kernel or with a newer 
one :-?



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