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Re: X-server problem

On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 09:02:10PM +0100, Andriy Samsonyuk wrote:
>   LABEL=lv_var /var ext3 defaults,noatime,nosuid,nodev 0 2
>   LABEL=lv_tmp /tmp ext3 defaults,noatime,nosuid,nodev 0 2
>   LABEL=lv_home /home ext2 defaults,noatime,nosuid,nodev 0 2
> ***
> i simply changed LABEL=lv_* with /dev/sda? for correct partitions.
> As a result the partitions seemed to be mounted read only for the user.
> And X crashed with different errors :-/
> I still was able to write in /home and /tmp. But after changing the mount
> options for the last 3 to rw,nosuid,nodev and rw,nodev for /usr 
> X works without problems. I am not sure which partition and which 
> option made the difference.

It a shame you couldn't/didn't narrow down the exact cause. Also systems
operate quite happily with a read only /usr. The only problem is package
management, of course.

Also, you said could write to home?, which means it would have been rw
for owner/group anyway!

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