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Re: sound issues

2012/3/5 Scott Ferguson <scott.ferguson.debian.user@gmail.com>
On 05/03/12 19:18, Raffaele Morelli wrote:
> 2012/3/5 Scott Ferguson <scott.ferguson.debian.user@gmail.com
> <mailto:scott.ferguson.debian.user@gmail.com>>
>> Just to clarify with Kelly about what "complicated" stands for :-)
>> IMHO you are going to get what you want in two steps: killall
>> pulseaudio && aptitude install jackd qjackctl

> Hi,
> FOA, let's say I am not interested in starting a flame war


FWIW - I think JACK is a fine sound system, also ALSA, ESD, SDL and phonon.

> nor arguing with you or anybody else about jack vs pulse.

Good also.
I never said it was JACK vs. PA. I don't know where you got that from.
Read again - you can have both if you choose.

it's a statement of mine, no need to read agian
BTW you can have both at your own risk

By default WOW and Skype both use ALSA. For the OP they still do -
except that Kelly has helped him get PA working properly to manage them.

> * �jack and PA are completely different

I never said they weren't. I'm not sure where you've got that idea from
either. Read again

again, it's a statement of mine, you never said that

> (http://jackaudio.org/pulseaudio_and_jack) so there's no use in
> listing what PA can and can not do

The two things have nothing to do with each other.
I listed Pulse audio capabilities as a reason to, as the OP has since
done, fix it - instead of leaving it broken and using JACK in it's place.
I never said *don't* use JACK, only that you can have both.

"Combining PulseAudio and JACK on the same machine can be problematic. There are several options, some of which leave PulseAudio and JACK as entirely separate systems with no audio flow between them. Others connect them so that audio from one of them can be heard via the other."

> * �jack is intended for audio pro but it can address low/high level
> tasks without fiddling with upgrades as you claim.

Debian now uses pulseaudio - using JACK in it's place will create
difficulties with upgrades.

you should explain or send a bug report to debian devs then 

> * you run ardour but how many apps are you coupling with it? using
> jamin? hydrogen? guitarix? synth?

Relevance to fixing the Pulse audio configuration?

you claimed jack works just fine "under" PA because you run ardour so I wonder why jack devs wrote Option 1 in http://www.jackaudio.org/pulseaudio_and_jack

If you're doing a survey - the answer is "as many as I need, and the
system, and JACK, can handle".

> well all those apps can be controlled and synced by jack with a high
> level of complexity in the connection graph. Can you do it with PA

I've never tried - why would I?  I do it with JACK.
PA doesn't interfere.

> * belive it or not, pulseaudio does not address pro audio needs

Nice strawman

I've never said it did. Read again.

Did the OP say anything about "pro audio needs"? I must of missed that
post... :-)
he wrote that, reag again  http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2012/03/msg00161.html

You do realise this is not 'your' usual, linuxaudio RT list, right? :-)

> * debian devs are right in using PA, they must aim at the average
> user

I don't know that they "must" do anything.
Certainly it seems they're aiming at the widest range of uses - which
would include more than just desktop users.

> last: I have SUGGESTED hime to give it a try (killall pulseaudio !=
> remove pulseaudio)

That was understood the first time. Your point being? What would be the
purpose of disabling an unconfigured and perfectly good sound system?

I think maybe your just too sensitive and in love wiht PA :-) to admit mine was a suggestion, I think he posted on this list because his sound sistem isn't configured and perfectly good 100%, do you?

over and out

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