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Re: sound issues

2012/3/5 Scott Ferguson <scott.ferguson.debian.user@gmail.com>

> Just to clarify with Kelly about what "complicated" stands for :-)
> IMHO you are going to get what you want in two steps:
> killall pulseaudio && aptitude install jackd qjackctl
> regards
> -r

"what you want" meaning a complicated setup that allows WOW and Skype to
co-exist - but requires you to fiddle with every upgrade, and more
fiddling for every application that requires sound.

With the greatest respect - though you've invested a great deal in the
belief that pulseaudio is bad, it's not a belief shared by the upstream
developers of most applications (or more importantly, Debian).

PA doesn't stop you using JACK - it's one of many sound systems that
work just fine *under* PA (I run Ardour). Contrary to some commentary -
PA is just a foreman, not a wheelbarrow.

There's a number of things that PA can do[*1], that [insert pet sound
system here] can't do. The reverse is not true - because PA allows you
to run [insert pet sound system here].

Kind regards


FOA, let's say I am not interested in starting a flame war nor arguing with you or anybody else about jack vs pulse.

last: I have SUGGESTED hime to give it a try (killall pulseaudio != remove pulseaudio)

[insert your favourite pet system sound here]

regards :-)

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