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Re: Debian and OSS vs vSphere

Il 28/02/2012 20:08, Peter Teunissen ha scritto:
> On 28 feb. 2012, at 16:15, Robert Brockway wrote:
>> On Tue, 28 Feb 2012, Davide Mirtillo wrote:
>>> I was also wondering if any of you had opinions regarding Proxmox.
>>> http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Main_Page
>>> It seems like a solid solution and it also looks it's gonna be something
>>> that works out of the box by just installing it, which is kinda what i
>>> was hoping for - yes, i know, i'm lazy :)
>> Hi Davide.  I was just about to send a reply to your other email suggesting you try Proxmox :)
>> It offers OpenVZ and KVM so allows you to enjoy using Linux containers or fully virtualised systems.
>> I've used OpenVZ a lot over the years and trialed Proxmox a while back and was quite impressed.
> I'd like to add my own positive experience with proxmox in a small environment. 
> Having experience with openvz on my private servers, I quickly gravitated towards promox when looking for something supporting containers, virtual machines and sporting a GUI even my windows minded fellow team members could understand ;-). I use it to run a server that supports our development team. It uses containers for java web apps (confluence and Jira) and network services like DNS and dhcp and virtual machines running windows to do software upgrade tests, evaluate software and supply remote users or team members running linux on their laptops with RDP sessions to the unavoidable set of windows dev apps. 
> I can happily run ±5 containers and ±5 window VM's on a quad core server with 16GB. The GUI is quite intuitive and provides enough functionality. Deploying a new VM or container is a breeze. It should also support live migration between hardware nodes, although i didn't test this. Backups are easy to setup either to directly connected storage of something like NFS. Best of all, it's debian beneath the GUI, so on the cli, if needed, you'll feel right at home.
> Peter

Hello Peter,
that is some good information right there - i installed proxmox 2.0 rc1
yesterday afternoon on a workstation computer, for testing, and i am
currently looking at the performance.
Would you please be more specific about the configuration of the machine
you are using? ie cpu model, disk / controller configuration, installed
nics, etc.. A private reply would be enough!

The solution i am looking for will determine the hardware i will be
ordering, so i am concerned about it right now.

How should i consider technologies like KVM and openVZ regarding
stability? I'm talking about downtimes and maintenance time. I heard
multiple opinions on xen being a bad thing to work with, both
performance wise and stability wise. I wouldn't want to set this
"private cloud" up only to discover it's not production ready!

I am also wondering how i will be able to deal with storage and multiple
nodes: how does proxmox behave on the matter? In case the main machine
goes down i would be pretty screwed, wouldn't i?

I guess that since proxmox is debian derivate i could eventually have a
separate machine for storage and just mount a remote share through fuse
and use that, but i'm open for suggestions.
Davide Mirtillo

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