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Re: Debian and OSS vs vSphere

Currently there is no drop-in replacement for ESX+vSphere in Debian.
(which handles large servers + has some GUI)

For small servers, Debian provides for "phpvirtualbox+VirtualBox" combo.
This lets you manage a single server.

...Which has a nice Web GUI:

For more professional Open-Source solution, it will be OpenStack +
it's WUI (Dashboard)

This one lets you manage a cloud of servers, and includes a
distributed storage solution (swift), and distributed authentication
mechanism (keystone).

Video: (OpenStack + it's WUI Dashboard)

Biggest problem:
OpenStack documentation, which does not match the actual software
currently, and it is in "testing" category. I'm working to improve it
(along with fellow community members) for Debian 7.0 release.
I believe, however, that Debian 7.0 will ship with both phpvirtualbox
and OpenStack, tested and documented. (in early 2013)

Debian 6.0 (stable) lacks those technologies.
-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov"

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