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Re: Simultaneous desktop environments (Gnome and xfce) in two X server sessions.

> Yes.  See my earlier post.  That is exactly what I do.  In each of the
> accounts on my box startx is aliased to one of the commands that I
> mentioned.  This starts up a new X session on the specified vt.  By
> specifying the vt in the startx command I know that my session is always on
> vt7, my wife's is always vt8, and my daughter's is always on vt9.  A quick
> ctl-alt-F7|F8|F9 gets whichever one of us is at the computer to our session,
> leaving the others intact with all programs running, browser tabs open, etc.

Ok I figured out where I was making the mistake, instead of launching
X session from tty7 I was first logging in to tty1 and then launching
an X session.

Can you explain why it closes the session when  I return back to tty7
but it will not when I launch an X session from the console in tty7.

When using xfce, I cannot launch the Terminal due to an input/output error?
What might be causing this?

Thanks once again for posting the instructions.

Kind regards,

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