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Re: DHCPOFFER lost in transit :-)

On Thu, 09 Feb 2012 12:41:45 +0200, Panayiotis Karabassis wrote:

> Ok, the last message probably isn't true. But...
> Setting up the DHCP server on the AP (with a separate address pool)
> seems to have solved the problem for now.

That's indeed curious. It could mean you need to tweak your DHCP server 
settings so it can do it well with your AP. For instance, by giving more 
time for the DHCP server to provide a lease to the clients :-?

It can also be something at the AP side that prevents a fluid 
communication between the local networking and itself, e.g., a filter or 
another security setting.
> As I said I know very little about networking, and I had assumed that
> when the AP was setup as a repeater, it worked transparently and
> automagically, as a signal amplifier. It seems this is not the case, at
> least with this particular AP.

So has to be. The repeater task is just forwarning data to the main AP, 
which is in charge of authenticating and bridging between the wired and 
wireless network. If the repeters is from a different brand/model than 
the AP you can experiment glitches, though.
> I think that configuring the AP as a DHCP Relay would also have worked
> except that this model does not support it.

Glad to see you've found a solution, although having the dhcp server at 
the linux box has some advantadges such as having a more detailed/
flexible configuration and better logs.

> Hope this helps someone, and thanks!

You're welcome :-)



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