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Re: [OT] Using dvorak

* Martin Steigerwald <Martin@lichtvoll.de> [120209 02:33]:
> Am Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012 schrieb Sylvain:
> > On 08. 02. 12 09:41, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> […]
> > > How does it work when you have to use a qwert(zy) keymapping
> > > sometimes? Would that still work out nicely enough?

That is why they put (the QWERTY) labels on keycaps.  ;-)

> > > I wondered about dvorak for a long time but never took the faith to
> > > actually really try it out for me. Especially cause of the fear not
> > > to be able to use standard mappings anymore should they be all I
> > > have when working at a customer's machine or so.

In Linux, you can change the keymap from the command line or from the
Gnome desktop menu.

In Window$, there are free utilities which provide remapping; these
almost always have the modified Dvorak layout, from which you easily
can derive the Classic Dvorak layout (and then save it so you can load
it later).

But most of the computer technicians I have encountered cannot touch
type (they use two-fingers on the QWERTY keymap), so unless you are
working as a typist (rather than as a technician), losing the ability
to type QWERTY should be of little concern to you.

> It might be wise to start on a day where I have lots of time to type 
> slowly in the beginning, I bet. What do you think? Did you start on a 
> usually work day or did you start it in your free time?

As with anything worthwhile, the most important factor is commitment.
You never shall learn Dvorak if you daily are switching back and forth
between QWERTY and Dvorak.  The best way is to spend a week or two in
"total immersion" in Dvorak.  

"Free time" is like "tomorrow" -- tomorrow never comes, and there is
no such thing as free time.  So look for an opportunity to be out of
the office (working at home or on vacation), taking with you a project
which you are required to have complete upon your return.  This "swim
or sink" situation provides the motivation to learn.


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