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DHCPOFFER lost in transit :-)

Hi everyone!

I have been facing some problems with my home network. All computers are networked wirelessly and I am using a wi-fi repeater to strengthen the signal upstairs (it's two floors).

The desktop PC (server) has been running mainly without problems, but the laptop upstairs was often disconnected. My cellphone (which supports wifi) mainly couldn't connect at all.

Problems used to cease when I rebooted the router and/or repeater but only for a couple of hours.

I was suspecting the router (Planet), so today I got a new router from Linksys (X3000) which I consider respectable because it's a subsidiary of Cisco.

Well, the laptop hasn't disconnected yet, but my smartphone doesn't connect at all. It's stuck at the "receiving IP address" stage.

The DHCP server runs on my desktop so I have complete access to it. The X3000 is configured as a DHCP relay.

Syslog shows the DHCPDISCOVER request received from the desktop, and answered with a DHCPOFFER (both via the router). But the packet (or whatever it is, sorry) never arrives, or if it arrives, is ignored by the smartphone.

I don't know much about Android (which the cellphone is running) and I would prefer to leave it alone if possible.

Do you have any ideas about the cause of this problem?

Sorry for the long post.

Good evening,

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