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[OT] Using dvorak (was: Re: how to take care of hand -> dvorak)

Am Montag, 6. Februar 2012 schrieb lina:

[... nice and long essay dvorak layout ...]

> > Actually, one of the best things about the combination of
> > QWERTY-labeled keycaps and software mapping to the Dvorak layout is
> > that other people in the office quickly learn not to mess around with
> > your computer.  The combination is more effective than is password
> > protection, and entirely avoids the "enter the password to unlock the
> > screen-saver" nuisance.
> It's a long writing. Thanks
> I have plotted the keymap in my mind yesterday.
> It's not so hard to remember
> Now type, just need some time to think. a bit slow haha

I tried out dvorak yesterday as well. With KDE´s keyboard layout settings 
which offers a german variant of it. Since I often type german texts with 
umlauts I need a mapping that makes umlauts easily accessible.

Now I always thought I need to exchange keycaps to actually use and learn 
dvorak. It seems to be possible with my ThinkPad keyboards and the other 
keyboards I have, but now I learn that its not even necessary.

So I all would do is print myself a - hopefully useful - german dvorak 
layout somewhere in eyesight and learn it with a regular keyboard?

How does it work when you have to use a qwert(zy) keymapping sometimes? 
Would that still work out nicely enough?

I wondered about dvorak for a long time but never took the faith to 
actually really try it out for me. Especially cause of the fear not to be 
able to use standard mappings anymore should they be all I have when 
working at a customer´s machine or so.

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