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Re: Debian gnome printing to pdf

 <tjm3 <at> threedogs.net> writes:

> > Mmm... did you miss my post? 
> >
> > Chrome can use your gnome printing dialog (Ctrl+Shift+P).
> >
> Ok, then.  No I did not miss the post, but I also do not sit
> in front of this computer all day.
> As far as the gnome print dialog, I already know this and posted it.

IIRC, you first asked whehere that dialog came from. It's your default's system
printer dialog.

> (read twice, post once, please)

You had a bad day, I guess.

The easiest way to tweak the location for the PDF output regardless the
application that generates it is by installing an independent virtual PDF
printer (cups-pdf does the job).

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