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Debian gnome printing to pdf

To begin, I have exhausted my searching ability to not find this cryptic information.

When printing from Firefox, the printing dialog gives choices of printers and 'print to file', with 'print to file' having options of .pdf or .ps, a filename box and a location box. I can change the default choices for all three of those options in Firefox with about:config.

I have now started to use google-chrome. After disabling the chrome print viewer, the same print options are offered with the exception of .ps files. However, I cannot change the default filename or location for lack of knowing where the defaults are hiding. I am assuming that the print dialog is a gnome system offering, but I don't know this.

The questions are: Is the printer pop-up a function of the browser or the system?

In either case, where can I find and change the defaults for 'output.pdf' and for the default destination directory?

Thanks in advance.



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