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Re: Installing debian, dual boot on 1 TB disk?

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I think that GParted cannot do it.

Arief M Utama <arief.utama@gmail.com> wrote:

>On 02/07/2012 12:09 AM, Darac Marjal wrote:
>> On Mon, Feb 06, 2012 at 11:36:15PM +0700, Arief M Utama wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I thought I'm already a veteran user until I discovered I know
>>> almost nothing about this problem today  :-D
>>> Got a problem here, I have a laptop with  pre-installed windows, the
>>> partition scheme is more-or-less like this:
>>> - 100M partition (hidden) - seems like a Windows-helper partition (I
>>> read something about it, forgotten now)
>>> - ~960 GB Windows partition
>>> - ~20GB Recovery partion
>>> -  ~10M another part of recovery partition
>>> When I tried to install debian,
>>> What I did was shrinking the 960GB partition to ~900GB, then I
>>> thought I could have ~60GB for linux.
>>> But then it said the free space is unusable, I cant do any
>>> partitioning on it.
>>> Anyone familiar with this problem? Is this something to do about the
>>> partition table can't handle large disk size issue?
>> I notice you have four partitions. Are they all primary partitions?
>> so, this is your problem.
>Yess... you (and Mika) are right!
>Thanks guys,
>Been a while since I've met this problem.
>Now I have another problem, how to move all this partition (and turn
>some of them into extended partitions) without destroying them. Guess
>I'll need to rediscover dd.
>Anyone knows a better tool? Could GParted be used for this?
>Thanks a bunch for the quick help :-)
>All the best.
>> The DOS-style partition layout can handle up to four primary
>> or up to three primary partitions plus one Extended partition. An
>> Extended partition may contain any number of logical partitions.
>> If you look at /dev/sda? from within linux and you get /dev/sda1-4,
>> these are all primary partitions. If you have /dev/sda5 or above,
>> you have an extended partition and so shouldn't have a problem with
>> this.
>> If all your partitions ARE primary, you may have a problem. AFAIK,
>> Windows likes to boot from primary partitions. The recovery
>> MAY or MAY NOT handle being moved to logical partitions.
>>> Any help and pointers are appreciated.
>>> Please CC me on your replies as I am not subscribed to debian-user
>>> currently.
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