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Re: Debian gnome printing to pdf

On Sun, Feb 05, 2012 at 05:20:23PM -0800, tony mollica wrote:
> To begin, I have exhausted my searching ability to not find this
> cryptic information.
> When printing from Firefox, the printing dialog gives choices of
> printers and  'print to file',
> with 'print to file' having options of .pdf or .ps, a filename box
> and a location box.  I can
> change the default choices for all three of those options in Firefox
> with about:config.
> I have now started to use google-chrome.  After disabling the chrome
> print viewer, the same print options are offered with the exception
> of .ps files.  However, I cannot change the default filename or
> location for lack of knowing where the defaults are hiding.  I am
> assuming that the print dialog is a gnome system offering, but I
> don't know this.
> The questions are:  Is the printer pop-up a function of the browser
> or the system?

Did you look in 
~/.config/google-chrome ?
I looked in ~/config/google-chrome/Default/Preferences
but find no indication of anything there,
but maybe somewhere else that dir?

all tony, all the time!

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