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Installing debian, dual boot on 1 TB disk?

Hi all,

I thought I'm already a veteran user until I discovered I know almost nothing about this problem today :-D

Got a problem here, I have a laptop with pre-installed windows, the partition scheme is more-or-less like this:

- 100M partition (hidden) - seems like a Windows-helper partition (I read something about it, forgotten now)
- ~960 GB Windows partition
- ~20GB Recovery partion
-  ~10M another part of recovery partition

When I tried to install debian,
What I did was shrinking the 960GB partition to ~900GB, then I thought I could have ~60GB for linux.

But then it said the free space is unusable, I cant do any partitioning on it.

Anyone familiar with this problem? Is this something to do about the partition table can't handle large disk size issue?

Any help and pointers are appreciated.

Please CC me on your replies as I am not subscribed to debian-user currently.

Thanks :-)

All the best.

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