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Re: My network speed is only 10MB

On 2/5/2012 7:34 AM, Miles Fidelman wrote:
> Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>> You have a fundamental misunderstanding induced EMI/RFI.  The source of
>> the interference must be relatively close, physically, to the cable, in
>> order for the cable to pick up sufficient noise to interfere with
>> signals.  A power plant, or even a Tesla coil, in the building next door
>> will have zero effect on your cables' signal integrity.
> Not always the case.  A lot of electrical equipment - elevators for
> example - can put huge
> spikes on power lines.  And while an elevator equipment room may be
> floors away from
> your LAN cable, it's attached to power cabling that runs all over the
> place.

You just disagreed with my assertion of fact, then stated the same fact,
thus agreeing with me.  You don't run data cables close to power cables,
ever.  Everyone knows this.  Those who don't should not be designing or
installing data cable systems.

> Of course, having said that, that doesn't necessarily make a case for
> shielded cable.  Induced
> currents in poorly wired power-line grounding probably effect you more
> if you're using shielded
> cable connected to that same grounding.

Poorly grounded facilities will have bigger problems than data cable
type choice.

When this discussion first began I was alerted by a contractor who has
worked in many European countries.  Apparently in Western and Northern
European countries cable plants are usually performed to TIA and ISO
standards, whereas in Southern and Eastern Europe they apparently don't
even known such standards exist.  Camaleón confirms this as being the
case in Spain.

I think we've pretty well covered the pros and cons of UTP vs STP, with
the choice boiling down to competency.  This thread should now die.


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