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Re: [SOLVED]dhclient renewal

hvw59601 wrote:
hvw59601 wrote:
hvw59601 wrote:
Camaleón wrote:


And there you see IMO where those renewals of 57 secs. come from: '[renewtime] = 60'
Now I have to find a way to change that :-)

But whenever I try to change that value of '60', I get:

Error : Unable to configure LAN_private

Any hints?

I found this:

and so:

{TELMEX}=>dhcp server config state=disabled
{TELMEX}=>dhcp server lease flush
{TELMEX}=>dhcp server pool config name=LAN_private renewtime=86400
{TELMEX}=>dhcp server config state=enabled
Connection closed by foreign host.

and in syslog:

Jan  9 07:41:55 HDBB dhclient: DHCPREQUEST on eth0 to port 67
Jan  9 07:41:56 HDBB dhclient: DHCPACK from
Jan 9 07:41:56 HDBB dhclient: bound to -- renewal in 56700 seconds.

Camaleón thanks a lot for all your help! Great job!


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