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Re: Setting Postfix + Courier + Cyrus: cannot find user dir on authentication

2012/1/6 Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com>:
> Sergi... as I see, "/Maildir" is a folder, it has to exist in your path
> or you have to configure Courier to look into another different place,
> which is not the case :-)
> I can be wrong because I have not used Courier before, but this can be
> easily tried, just create a new "test" account at:
> /home/vmail/Maildir/test@cub3.net/

>From what I understand from the documentation, a maildir is actually a
hierachy of subfolders (./new, ./cur, ./tmp, etc), which is usually
located at /home/user/Maildir. In the setup I'm trying, this hierarchy
hang from /home/vmail/user@domain/ . Actaully, postfix creates this
architecture of folders when I set-up a mail user and send an e-mail
to it. With the config files I posted before, courier should look at
these folders, but he is looking in another place... :S

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