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Re: Setting Postfix + Courier + Cyrus: cannot find user dir on authentication

On Tue, 03 Jan 2012 22:22:25 +0100, Sergi Pons Freixes wrote:

> Hi All,

Hi Sergi. Please, turn off html when sending e-mails, they're hard to 
read from text based e-mail clients :-)

> I am trying to adapt a tutorial for setting a mail server in Arch Linux
> [1] to Debian. I finished the step of PostfixAdmin, and I perfectly can
> send e-mails from it and add users and domains to the database. Looking
> at /home/vmail, I also checked that I can receive e-mails. Before
> setting up Rouncube, I wanted to try accessing with Thunderbird, but I
> am getting the message of Incorrect username or password.
> Looking at the logs, on mail.log I can see: 
> Jan  3 00:32:52 cub3 imapd: Connection, ip=[::ffff:] 
> Jan  3 00:32:53 cub3 imapd: chdir Maildir: No such file or directory 
> Jan  3 00:32:53 cub3 imapd: sachiel@cub3.net: No such file or directory

I have no previous experience with Courier, but the above message seems 
to indicate Courier can't find the proper place where messages are being 

> But:
> # ls /home/vmail/
> sachiel@cub3.net
> # ls /home/vmail/sachiel@cub3.net/
> cur  new  tmp
> # ls /home/vmail/sachiel@cub3.net/new/
> 1325457494.Vca00I4f096M587089.cub3  1325457546.Vca00I4f099M501611.cub3
>  1325471089.Vca00I4f78fM130501.cub3


Mmm... isn't a parent "/Maildir" folder required? :-?

I mean, something like: "/$HOME/vmail/$user/Maildir/cur|new|tmp"

I would also check where is the Courier variable for the stored mailboxes 
pointing to.



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