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Re: linux-source-3.2.0-rc7

On Friday 06,January,2012 09:40 AM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
On 06/01/12 05:16, lina wrote:

Are there some intelligent package, something like read the lspci
and other hardware information. And according the info to vim the
NAFAIK (yet...) though I keep looking and I've started on something
similar a few times based on Knoppix and using kudzu. It's on that long
list of things to do if I live that long ;-)
should I say, long live the scott?
Your best bet is probably to set up a stock system that supports all
your hardware and also your networking needs. Choose the light, targeted
(rather than generic), initrd.

Decide whether you intend to build kernel that uses initrd or not (load
all modules or have them built in) - then examine loaded modules to see
what you need, and remove unneeded built-in kernels. Pretty much the
technique used for building kernels for embedded systems.

The automated part you're looking for - there are a couple of scripts
around that attempt to do this for you, here's one[*1]:-
Thanks for the link. I did not realize the lsmod can also be used.
I don't have much hardware knowledge either, so can't build a
specific and light kernel.  Last one I build the /lib/module so

You don't really need the hardware knowledge - just to know what you
have that you want supported.



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