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Re: linux-source-3.2.0-rc7

On Fri, 06 Jan 2012 01:18:51 +0800, lina wrote:

(careful with that html... :-) )

> On Friday 06,January,2012 01:08 AM, Camaleón wrote:

>>> I installed one,
>> Which one?
> You know, this thread I posted hours ago. 

But you listed many different packages... which one did you finally 

> later I downloaded directly from the
> http://packages.debian.org/experimental/linux-source-3.2
> the bottom, there is
> Architecture Package Size Installed Size Files all
> <http://packages.debian.org/experimental/all/linux-source-3.2/download>
> 73,700.3 kB73,744.0 kB [list of files
> <http://packages.debian.org/experimental/all/linux-source-3.2/filelist>]
> not build from the left side of .dsc and else as before.

Ah, okay, "linux-source-3.2_3.2~rc7-1~experimental.1_all.deb". The 
"mother" of the headers packages.

>>> after reboot, it got kernel panic, even can't mount / and others.
>>> so I just back to old old kernel and removed present one.
>> Kernel headers version have to match your current kernel version.
>>> now I decided to download from kernel.org and do a try.
>> Can you tell us why are you trying to install the kernel headers?
> I used to install the linux-header-version and linux-images-version,
> wrong?

Nothing wrong, but those packages (headers) are not needed unless you 
specifically require them (for compiling things), so what was your goal 
or just installing for the sake of installing? :-)

>>> the kernel panic was caused due to my .config file or ?
>> Who knows, maybe if you say what's the error you got (kernel panic)...
>> but again, kernel headers are version-aware.
> I don't know from where I can check the log information, I tried to grep
> panic from /var/log, but there is none.

I can't tell what to look because I don't know at what stage you received 
the kernel panic (while booting, maybe?). Unless you provide more data, I 
can only make "wild guesses".

>>> I am also stuck in Warning messages as following: even for opening
>>> emails.
>> (...)
>> Lina, to avoid mixing up things, better solve your kernel headers
> I am here.

And what's your current situation? What packages have you installed? Can 
you boot your system normally?

>> problematic and then open separate threads for the rest of the issues
>> should they still apply.
> I really realize that one saying, trouble never never comes alone. the
> "date" issue is so bad, I can't open webpage without warning, even can't
> open my email box, neither mention send emails and build package. but
> now I feel it's really funny. I mean, things are really time sensitive.
> Now I can't connect to kernel.org.

Give detailed steps on what you are doing right now, what's the current 
kernel you are running and what's wrong with it.



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