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Re: linux-source-3.2.0-rc7

On Fri, 06 Jan 2012 02:16:12 +0800, lina wrote:

> On 6 Jan, 2012, at 1:51, Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com> wrote:

>> But you listed many different packages... which one did you finally
>> install?
> I didn't choose any of them.
> (Ha... So many choices was equal no choice) That's why I was looking for
> the .deb already built in repository.

Mmm, okay. So you decided to manually get the package from another place. 

>>> I used to install the linux-header-version and linux-images-version,
>>> wrong?
>> Nothing wrong, but those packages (headers) are not needed unless you
>> specifically require them (for compiling things), so what was your goal
>> or just installing for the sake of installing? :-)
> Yes. Haha.
> I noticed after make-kpkg it generated the linux headers and images.
> (might due to I used some flags).  So I thought both are needed. So next
> time i will only install the headers?

I can't say... I also have a self-compiled kernel (like you) but at least 
until now I have not needed the headers files for nothing :-)

But again, kernel headers files have to match your exact kernel version 
(the kernel version for you want to have the headers, of course), 
otherwise it won't work.

>> I can't tell what to look because I don't know at what stage you
>> received the kernel panic (while booting, maybe?). Unless you provide
>> more data, I can only make "wild guesses".

> Yes.  After booting. Choose the newly built kernel.  It's just stopped. 
> I forget the detailed information and forget to take a photo.

Okay, so you were not able to boot with that kernel.

>> And what's your current situation? What packages have you installed?
>> Can you boot your system normally?

> I have old kernel 3.1. Things are back to fine if I don't make some new
> trouble. Tomorrow I guess I want to try to rebuild.

Mmm, good, I think.

> May I ask you something?

Of course.
> Are there some intelligent package, something like read the lspci and
> other hardware information. And according the info to vim the .config I
> don't have much hardware knowledge either, so can't build a specific and
> light kernel.  Last one I build the /lib/module so heavy.

This has been commented some times here, in this mailing list.

I opened a thread asking for the same. You can read the full thread to 
find out more tips but here are the conclusions:


The key was in using "localmodconfig" which allows to make what I call 
express ("compile&go") kernels very fast which can be useful to try a new 
driver or make some tests.

Stephen Powell has a very good and detailed doc about compiling kernels 
in Debian, it's worth reading:


>> Give detailed steps on what you are doing right now, what's the current
>> kernel you are running and what's wrong with it.
> You are admirable SERIOUS. Which is something I miss in my life.  
> Haha... Inspiring.

Well, problems are just a bucnh of variables that need to be clearly 
identified and defined. I say this because most of the time (90%) we -
users- think we have a problem when what we really got is a bit of mess 
in our head :-)



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