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Re: X Window: Setting up mouse scroll for OOo Calc to one raw

On 03/01/12 04:55, Camaleón wrote:
> But the best thing is that there is a patch already done for having the 
> "feature" implemented at Xorg.

I haven't re-read the bug report, but my impression was that someone has
written a patch, but it hasn't been accepted, and there was dispute
about it, so there's no guarantee it's going to get in.

>> > It seems to me that if the OP of that bug succeeds, all you'd get is
>> > _more_ lines/rows of scroll, not fewer - it would still need changes in
>> > the app.
> Wheel sroll speed is slow (at least with my basic 3 button mouse I also 
> barely get 3 lines up/down which can be quite annoying depending on the 
> document lentgh). But if there is a patch to speed it up, I see no 
> compeling reason for not having the opposite and make the wheel scrolls 
> slowly.

The patch allows for faster scrolling by sending multiple events for
each wheel click. How do you send less than 1 (but more than 0) clicks?

>> > But I'm inclined to agree with the other view, that the mouse wheel just
>> > gives button events, and it's up to the app to interpret them - possibly
>> > referring to a system-wide (or DE-wide) configuration - since it clearly
>> > means something different depending on the type of app.
> I don't share that POV. 
> IMO, it will be desiderable to be possible to tweak both options: one 
> (system wide) that affects all applications managed via Xorg's mouse 
> driver and also having the possibility to control wheel speed for every 
> application. This will result in a fine grained configuration that will 
> suit every user need.

Desirable, perhaps. Feasible, I don't think so. It seems to me the real
problem is that the wheel just isn't as fine-grained as the movement of
the mouse - my mouse appears to have 24 clicks/rotation, and it has no
way to measure smaller movements than that. So the only adjustment
possible is how far per click, and that needs to be measured differently
depending on whether the app is (viewed as being) explicitly line based,
the way the OP wants to see their spreadsheet, or effectively
continuous. And that's up to both the app and the user, and changing
what happens in the driver can only reduce the options for those. IMHO.


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