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Viewing contents of AR archive in KDE


Like y'all know, AR archive is used for static libraries [ libxyz.a ].
When opening it with Ark (KDE 4.4.5, Squeeze), it pops with with error
"Unable  to determine archive type". Instead it presents a list of all
archive formats which it recognizes, but this list does not include AR

I know that I can view/extract the archive using CLI ("ar t" and "ar
x") but would like to do it in GUI mode, with Ark. Note that, I'm not
interested in modifying the archive, just "view" it and "extract" it
to a temporary folder. It was working in KDE 3.5 (also with Gnome's
Fileroller). I also asked this question in Debian forums and IRC, but
no satisfactory answer.

Thanks & Regards,
-- Satish

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