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Re: Viewing contents of AR archive in KDE

On Du, 04 dec 11, 12:36:31, bd satish wrote:
> I know that I can view/extract the archive using CLI ("ar t" and "ar
> x") but would like to do it in GUI mode, with Ark. Note that, I'm not
> interested in modifying the archive, just "view" it and "extract" it
> to a temporary folder. It was working in KDE 3.5 (also with Gnome's
> Fileroller). I also asked this question in Debian forums and IRC, but
> no satisfactory answer.

If it has to be KDE but not Ark you can try Krusader. As far as I recall 
it supports just about any format still in use assuming that the 
apropiate unpacker is installed.

Hope this helps,
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