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Re: Are Web-API packages need to be in the 'main' repo ?

On Lu, 05 dec 11, 17:06:21, Clark C. Evans wrote:
> The free/contrib distinction makes people scratch their heads.
> "Why isn't this Free?"  It's an important lever.  Some people
> just don't think of Twitter or Facebook as software at all
> and will happily chain their work to it.  I think the awareness
> of this is quite important.

What is a Free service? (Facebook uses XMPP for chat) IMO the "battle" 
here will be "fought" at service level (Diaspora*), not client level.
> User interfaces and package managers could choose to display
> contrib and non-free works with a special icon or something
> rather than completely ignoring their existence?

aptitude separates main, contrib and non-free.

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