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Re: iceweasel fills in my textareas

On 04/12/11 07:55, Bob Proulx wrote:
Alan Chandler wrote:
In a recent upgrade (last day or two) iceweasel suddenly started
filling in empty text areas with text from a previous visit to the
web site.
Does anyone know a way of turning this behaviour off.

Are you talking about form fields?  If so then go to the menu
selection [Edit], [Privacy], then under the History section set
"Iceweasel will:" then select one of

   Remember history
   Never remember history
   Use custome settings for history (dropdown)

You probably are asking for Never remember history.  You might want
the custom settings with search and form history cleared while
remembering other data.

Read up on it here:


I am not sure if this is the same or not. I have always had a little dropdown box like thing appear when I start typing into a textbox with a selection of offerings based on the first few characters I have typed. It only fills the fields in if I pick it. I like that capability.

This is different. I arrive at what should be a blank form, and the textareas (NOT the simple text boxes) are ALREADY pre-filled in with the info from the last time I visited that form. This didn't happen before.

Alan Chandler

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