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Re: Safety while network install.

On 2011-11-23, Brian <ad44@cityscape.co.uk> wrote:
> You don't want to run a firewall because it will be of no benefit to
> you. The CUPS daemon will only accept print jobs from the machine the
> printer is connected to. dhclient is what its name says - a client. It

Thank you.  Is that the default when you install cups, just out of
curiosity? It seems like there was a time when you had to do something
to insure that the daemon wouldn't allow network printing.

> doesn't listen for any connections, so no need to do anything about it -
> unless you don't trust the server it makes requests to. It won't be used
> if you set up a static address for the interface.

I trust the server, I guess; it's my ISP, so I really have to trust
them way above and beyond whatever dhclient can or cannot do.  I could
set up a static address for the interface (if I knew how--I do have a
static address).  Where does that go?  In /etc/network/interfaces?  Then
there's also the question of the dns servers, which can change from time
to time (or maybe they rarely do, I dunno).

What about this:


Relevant?  I can't find the set_hostname () function in the dhclient-script
to implement the workaround.

Anyway, thank-you.

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