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Re: Safety while network install.

On Wed 23 Nov 2011 at 11:57:57 +0000, Curt wrote:

> einstein:/home/curty# lsof -i
> cupsd    1778  root    5u  IPv6  43230      0t0  TCP localhost:ipp (LISTEN)
> cupsd    1778  root    7u  IPv4  43231      0t0  TCP localhost:ipp (LISTEN)
> dhclient 1814  root    6u  IPv4   6366      0t0  UDP *:bootpc 
> <snipped the rest--browser(chrome) and slrn>.
> I don't want to run a firewall because I don't what I'm doing and am too
> ignorant to set up cupsd and dhclient securely. I think I'm running cups
> securely.  If I should do something about dhclient (udp, not tcp) please
> be so kind as to tell me what.

You don't want to run a firewall because it will be of no benefit to
you. The CUPS daemon will only accept print jobs from the machine the
printer is connected to. dhclient is what its name says - a client. It
doesn't listen for any connections, so no need to do anything about it -
unless you don't trust the server it makes requests to. It won't be used
if you set up a static address for the interface.

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