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Re: GNOME3 Ugh! Reverted to XFCE4

On 11/15/11, Harry Putnam <reader@newsguy.com> wrote:

>> Might I suggest "awesome" window manager? It uses almost no resources,
>> can be manipulated entirely with the keyboard (although it also has
>> complete mouse support), can be customized extremely easily (although
>> the defaults are sane so it is by no means necessary to customize), it
>> even has a lua API.
> How do you start it in your setup?  Startx?

When I installed Debian stable a couple of years ago I selected KDE as the
desktop environment. I quickly found out that I don't like it very much and
that it's way too slow (for my machine at least), so I did "sudo aptitude
install awesome", rebooted and selected "awesome" as my window manager on the
lower left hand corner of my login screen (which is caused by kdm or gdm, can't
remember now and I'm at work). Since then it's been preselected for me.

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