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Re: GNOME3 Ugh! Reverted to XFCE4

On Lu, 14 nov 11, 14:12:12, Iuri Guilherme dos Santos Martins wrote:
> It is a very limited idea the developers of the distros (including
> Debain itself) have that people from all over the world follow this
> pattern (-My computer is old, I'm going to throw it on the garbage
> an buy a new one).

As a lurker on debian-devel since several years now I would like to say 
that you are being unfair to Debian Developers. I agree that Gnome is 
not (and never has been) good for old computers of the time, but it is 
just a default and not even that hard to change. Keep in mind that not 
many distros offer installation media for a different DE.

LXDE in squeeze is still usable on a PII-333 MHz with 256 MB RAM and 6GB 
HDD and if this is not enough one can very easily not install a DE and 
use one of the many Window Managers or just run the computer text only.

Kind regards,
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