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Re: GNOME3 Ugh! Reverted to XFCE4

Em 12-11-2011 15:51, Joe escreveu:
I wouldn't know, my two-year-old Gigabyte MB is apparently too old for
Gnome 3. According to the Gnome site:

'It is our primary focus to build a modern operating environment,
platform, and user experience. It doesn't make sense to target the
hardware of the past.'

And there was me thinking that one of the greatest strengths of Linux
was the wide range of hardware it runs on.

Well, currently the only thing that's stable and runs on almost any hardware that Linux has is Openbox and maybe LXDE (which uses Openbox itself) if you configure it properly and don't use gtk or kde stuff.

These very end user desktop environments (GNOME and KDE) are meant to be that way.

That's the reason where i work we use the last LTS Ubuntu (Lucid) - It's the last one that supports the old hardware we have in all clients.

It is a very limited idea the developers of the distros (including Debain itself) have that people from all over the world follow this pattern (-My computer is old, I'm going to throw it on the garbage an buy a new one).

Some people actually use those computers found at the garbage. And we have a lot of work to make them run, most of the time using old software as well because of incompatibilities.

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