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Re: What to make of this apt-get update output.

Wayne Topa <linuxtwo@gmail.com> writes:

>> Thanks for the helpful input.  I guess I'm disgustingly lazy.
> Oh?  Let me try to make it a bit easier for you.
> 1.  Install Apache2 and dwww packages.
> 2.  Use dwww to bring up the Debian-Reference HTML Document.
> 3.  For Packaging select Chapter 2.
> 4.  In iceweasel key in Ctrl f
> 5.  In the find box enter, for example, downgrade.
> 6.  Click next for the next occurrence etc

No, wait I really meant that about thanking for the helpful input.

But shut my lazy mouth if you didn't just nearly breath for me.  But
of course only outlined the exact method I used to locate the

Only for me its Ctrl s because I use the nifty add-on firemacs.
Allows me to edit stuff, and do search etc using emacs keybindings.

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