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Re: 3D.rendering became slow since moved to wheezy.

Thank You for Your time and answer, Arnt:

>you wanna fix your jack server, if you want fgfs with audio.

Do You mean it is not running? If so, how I cam=n start it? - Some MIDI
software asks for that but I have no script in /etc/init.d .

>> May we can use some utilities for the issue?  
>..yup, try again with "fgfs --disable-audio --disable-ai --disable-mp",
>you have an audio server problem that stalls fgfs, and we don't need
>multiplayer nor AI traffic, nor the USS Nimitz floating around here. 
>Disclaimer: Find the correct --disable-* command line switches with
>"fgfs -v -h |less ", I'm working from my errorprone memory. ;o)

Oh. After several tries w/ the game and You not answering me (I thought
You did quit from the thread) I have removed the game. Also, I had no
idea what to do w/ that (how to play ether). So, if the only goal is to
measure my hardware speed may we use some other game/utility that You
know - for glxgears is pretty well for this - as answers what I see in
the 3D game I use. Of course, I myself can see if the speed becomes any


Thanks again, for Your time and effort.

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